All Eligible Caribbean-American Citizens in Florida are Urged to Register to Vote October 6th – Final Day to Register to Vote for General Elections on November 4th – Click here for more information. TurboVote.org/register. Miami, Florida — September 29, 2014…


As the August 26, Primary Election approaches, several Caribbean-American Candidates are contesting seats in various races throughout South Florida.
alexandra davis miramar floridaLeading the pack is popular Miramar Commissioner Alexandra Davis, a British born Jamaican who is seeking a seat on the Broward County Commission, District 8. Also making a strong run is Realtor and Community Activist, Francis “Dave” Ragoo of Trinidad & Tobago, who has boldly tossed his hat in the political ring and is seeking election to the City of Miami Gardens Council, Seat 6.

Alexandra Davis has made her name as a hard worker representing the interest of her constituents since November 2010, when she was first elected as Commissioner in Miramar. Davis has the support of several respected community leaders including Congressman Alcee Hastings, Commissioner Dale Holness and Broward County Property Appraiser Lori Parish among others. She is a champion of public safety, economic development and cultural diversity. Davis is a strong leader with a reputation of honesty, integrity and impeccable ethical values. She is contesting the seat in District 8, currently held by Barbara Sharief, who has been in the news because of several questionable and unethical accusations.


Francis 'Dave' RagooFrancis “Dave” Ragoo has strengthened his quest for office by securing the endorsement of South Florida AFL-CIO. Mr. Ragoo is committed to being the first Caribbean Leader to be elected to political office in a City with one of the largest Caribbean American Communities in South Florida. Mr. Ragoo is a member of one of the oldest community groups in South Florida Unrepresented People Positive Action Council (UPPAC) where he serves as one of the moderators at the weekly meetings at Greater New Bethel Baptist Church in Miami Gardens. Mr Ragoo believes that there needs to be a vision forecasted for the City that will help transform Miami Gardens from the negative connotations, to one in which not only the perception of paradise can exist, but the reality of it should be lived. He believes that there needs to be a collective multifaceted holistic approach towards laying the foundation for a better future, a short term plan and a long-term goal that leads to sustainable economic development.

In the City of North Miami, Dr. Smith Joseph and Councilman Jean Marcellus – both Haitian Americans are running for Mayor while Commissioner Jean Monestime is running for re-election in District 2 in Miami-Dade County against Dorrin Rolle.

Jahra McLawrenceAttorney Jahra McLawrence, Dominican, is making a second bid for a seat as Circuit Court Judge and is getting favorable support this time around. Judge Ian Richards, a Miami native of Jamaican parents, is seeking re-election as county court judge in Florida’s 17th Judicial Circuit. Judge Richards was the first African-American judge to be elected countywide in Broward County in 2009.

Voters can cast ballots through absentee, early voting, which begins August 11th, and at various polling stations on August 26.

Contact the Supervisor of Elections in your county for deadlines and other information.