Roseau, Dominica – (September 24, 2019) Dominica has a vast network of hiking trails that suits all interests and levels of ability. Most trails traverse through diverse natural habitats such as rainforest, montane thicket or elfin woodland. The scale and diversity of hiking in Dominica makes the island unique to the Caribbean region.

As a means of encouraging visitors to hike the various trails in Dominica, Discover Dominica Authority has developed Dominica’s official Trail Hiker’s Logbook and Passport. This hike passport is a fun way to record one’s hiking experiences; Hikers will be awarded for their achievements, based on the number of trails hiked. 

Hike passports are free of charge and can be obtained from Discover Dominica Authority’s main office on Great Marlborough Street, Forestry Division, DHTA office and Tourist Information offices at the Roseau Bayfront, Roseau Ferry Terminal and Douglas-Charles Airport. 

Because Dominica’s hikes are all very different and have their own unique challenges, each is given a score against the TREAD categories listed in the hike passport.  These ratings are simply meant as indicators to help hikers make hiking choices; the indicator provides details on the level of difficulty.

The Government of Dominica through the Ministry of Tourism and Culture has invested in the restoration of various hiking trails, reconstruction and refurbishment of structures on or near the trails, so as to provide great experiences to visitors and locals alike.

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