We all have had to endure hearing her deliver many bits of unsolicited advice, some we listened to, others we wish we had taken heed. Wise words from our mothers. Those nuggets of advice which our mothers would provide, some as stern warnings to imminent danger, others delivered as parables which needed some deep thought to unravel their true meaning.

As we approach Mother’s Day, we asked a few friends on Facebook to share their most memorable advice which their mothers dished out. Below are samples of their responses.

  1. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
  2. Have manners to your elders. (As the old-time phrase says. If you nuh have money, have manners).
  3. “If yuh want something but can’t afford it, DO WITHOUT; NEVER BEG NOR BORROW!”
  4. Little boys must know how to wash, iron, cook, and clean.
  5. Not everyone who smile with you is your friend.
  6. When you want to know a man’s true character, look at his shoes.
  7. No matter what, Always Tell the truth
  8. Study yuh book
  9. Do not be envious of what people have, because you never know how they got it.
  10. Nothing is worth doing unless it is done well.

We all have now come to realize that mother was always right.

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Celebrate Mother’s Day.