Being present to your loved ones is most important. During December 2019 until January 3, 2020, anyone who uses a Digicel MyCash card, a mobile app that comes with a prepaid Mastercard, in the United States to send money to their friends and family in Jamaica will be able to do it at no cost. Also, they will have the chance to win $500 that will be added to their MyCash card.

Digicel MyCash is an application that provides users with a virtual prepaid Mastercard that helps them stay on top of all their transactions.

The app allows instantly sending money to a MyCash Jamaica user in Jamaica, sending Top Up to any Digicel phone number abroad, make bill payments in Jamaica, and make purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted, online or in a physical store.

“We want to facilitate money send transactions between people in the United States and Jamaica. We want the process to be easy, convenient, and, most importantly, safe for everyone involved. And during the holidays is when you really want to make sure that your family back home is covered. So, we are waiving our $5 flat rate for the month of December. This is a way for everyone who lives abroad to be present to their loved ones, and we can help them,” said Adriana Pirela, CMO, Digicel Financial Services.

Advantage of Digicel MyCash

Users can take advantage of Digicel MyCash within minutes. All they have to do is download the Digicel MyCash app from their App Store or Google Play, and follow the registration process.

They will be asked for information such as name, date of birth, address in the US, and the four last digits of their Social Security Number or their Government ID.

After they complete the process, the application will assign them with a virtual prepaid Mastercard that they will be able to load by linking their bank account or visiting their closest Walmart, 7-Eleven, CVS, Walgreens, Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, Rite Aid, Dollar General, Safeway, Circle K, and ACE Cash Express.

After they complete the entire process, they will be ready to send money to Jamaica, send Top Up, pay bills in Jamaica, and make any of their regular purchases.

In parallel, their loved one in Jamaica has to do a similar process by registering for a MyCash Jamaica card in order to receive the money sent from the US.

Digicel MyCash is part of our commitment to helping our customers experience safe transactions between people living in different countries, where there is always a seamless operation with 100% visibility and control all through the process.