The 40th Miami Book Fair will be held from November 12-19, 2023. Journey to exciting destinations with readings, discussions, writing workshops, children’s programming, and more that navigate the Caribbean diaspora with the following Caribbean-related events.

WEDNESDAY November 15

7:00 pm Celebrating & Preserving Haitian Patrimoine (Virtual event) — Jean Wilfrid Bertrand, Dominique Dupuy, Patrick Durandis.

THURSDAY November 16

7:00 pm Voices of Haiti: Stories in Three Languages — Pascale Doxy, Sherley Louis, Marjory Sheba.

SATURDAY November 18

11:30 am Secrets, Generational Ties & Women’s Voices — Esmeralda Santiago, Elizabeth Acevedo.

12:00 pm Echoes of the Caribbean: Exploring Identity, Culture & Resistance in Contemporary Literature — Myriam J.A. Chancy, Kevin Jared Hosein, Karen Lord, Safiya Sinclair.

1:30 pm Novedades de Narrativa Cubana — Grethel Delgado, Carmen Duarte, Luis de la Paz, Chago Rodríguez, Alejandro Ríos.

2:00 pm Haiti Unveiled: Narratives of Culture, History & Womanhood — Micki Berthelot Morency, Myriam J.A. Chancy, Edwidge Danticat, Solanges Vivens, M.J. Fievre.

4:00 pm Literary Waves: Cuba, Puerto Rico, Jamaica & Haiti — Claire Jiménez, Raul Palma, Micki Berthelot Morency, Patricia Saunders.

4:30 pm On Empowered Defiance — Safiya Sinclair (and others).

4:45 pm Cuba: Al Rescate de la Música y el Sabor — Ricardo Becerra, Armando López Salamó, Alejandro Ríos.

6:00 pm Crónicas Despojadas de Cuba — Abraham Jiménez Enoa, Sarah Moreno.
6:30 pm Esmeralda Santiago en Conversación con Patricia Engel.

SUNDAY November 19

11:00 am Short Stories: An Exploration of Home and Longing — Jennifer Martiza McCauley (and others).

11:00 am You’ve Got a Ticket to Ride: A Reading with Three Poets — Mervyn Taylor (and others).

11:45 am Política Actual bajo la Lupa: Ernesto Fundora Hernández, Faisel Iglesias, Francisco Larios, Alfredo Triff.

12:00 pm The Ghosts that Haunt Us — Kevin Jared Hosein (and others).

12:00 pm Haitian Cinema: A Journey through Time — Dudley Alexis, Frantz Voltaire, Karoll-Ann Fanfan, Genji Jacques.

1:00 pm Artists Look Back: On Exile & Displacement — Edel Rodriguez, Rosa Lowinger.

2:00 pm The Role of Traditional Medicine in Haitian Health Care — Max Olivier Carré, Wagner Lalanne, Liliane Négrette Louis, Djenane S. Gourgue.

2:00 pm Four Poets Turn the Tide on Geography & Identity — Colin Channer (and others).

4:00 pm Voices of Jamaica: Exploring Race, Identity & Memory — Geoffrey Philip, Dale Mahfood, Safiya Sinclair, Sharon Corinthian.

4:30 pm Emerging from Strife: Stories of Domestic & Political Upheaval — Ben Fountain (and others).

5:45 pm Ensayos y Crónicas para Pensar el Mundo — José Fernández Pequeño, Ernesto G., Gabriela Guerra Rey.

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