Since becoming Commissioner in the City of Lauderhill in 2222, Denise Grant has worked tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of residents as well as businesses in one of the most diverse cities in Central Broward County.

Serving others is in her DNA, something instilled in her from her early childhood, growing up in Manchester, Jamaica. Despite her humble beginnings, Grant has always found pleasure in serving the underserved and providing opportunities for the less fortunate.  It is this inherent need to serve that pushed her into representative politics and has made her one of the most effective elected officials in Broward.

Commissioner Denise Grant has received nothing but positive comments from residents, especially seniors, whom she meets with monthly.  Her “Tea with Seniors” initiative has been very popular among elders who look forward to hearing from City representatives and community leaders to address their concerns over a cup of tea, coffee, and other refreshments.

Seniors share a light moment at Tea With Seniors a monthly initiative by Commissioner Grant.

The mother of an active teenage son, Commissioner Grant is also in tune with the youth, working closely with City staff, to create initiatives that resonate with youngsters, engaging them with mentors, and providing educational opportunities. Her “Kids of Character” initiative which honors youth of exemplary character from ages 5-18 has been very successful, attracting support from corporate businesses and other organizations.

In January 2020, Commissioner Denise D. Grant spearheaded the inaugural Business Revolution Vision Brunch. The power brunch included speakers and panelists that left the packed house only wanting more. Trends in utilities, banking, tourism, sports, and more were discussed. The local business owners not only walked away with useful information to grow their businesses, but they also left knowing that the City of Lauderhill is a place that understands the needs of the business community.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Commissioner Grant voted to earmark $2 million to aid Lauderhill residents and businesses. Partnering with the Florida Bankers Association, Grant engineered a plan to help 2500 Lauderhill businesses gain access to capital.  She built relationships with 30 banking leaders and institutions providing an opportunity to the funding of $30 million to deserving Lauderhill businesses.

Both mental and physical health is important to the welfare of any community, and Commissioner Grant partnered with the Healing Arts Institute of South Florida International, Inc., and Children’s Services Council of Broward County with Dr. Thelma Tennie, to present Stress Awareness Tools at “Stretch and Breathe”. This monthly exercise activity at City parks provides an outlet for residents to “exhale” and relieve stress while participating in a yoga session, working on both mind and body.

Commissioner Grant joined with the Lauderhill Police Department and City Representatives to meet with residents for “Unity in the Community” where law enforcement officers and residents get to know each other to address concerns about crime and public safety. Officers provide safety tips, hear about the residents’ concerns, and provide educational flyers and handouts in a very informal setting. This has been very effective in creating an environment of trust and understanding between law enforcement and the public.

Grant goes on an open-door policy providing easy access to residents who can always call her office to make an appointment to discuss any concern they may have. At many of the community events, she will take the time to have one-on-one conversations and will follow up to ensure that the resident’s or businessperson’s concern is addressed to satisfaction.