Miami, FL – On October 17, 2021 at 6:30PM EST, the Jamaica Heroes Modernized (JHM) BACK THE CULTURE SHOW under the patronage of the Jamaica Consul General Miami will commemorate Jamaica’s National Heritage Month and National Heroes Day through a live stream event on the Jamaica National Heroes Facebook page.

Prof. Vivian Crawford

Jamaica’s leading historians, cultural stalwarts, academics, and entertainers living in Jamaica and the diaspora will pay homage in this “Heroes and Heritage” cultural showcase.  Presenters include Prof. Verene Shepherd, Prof. Rupert Lewis, Prof. Carolyn Cooper, Prof. Clinton Hutton, Dr. Stanley Niaah, Prof. Vivian Crawford, Hugh Douse, Sandra Whiting, Dr. Amina Blackwood Meeks among others and hosted by renowned journalist Fae Ellington.

The event also coincides with the one year anniversary of the JHM’s project announcement made on Jamaica national television with project Founder/ARTivist Charles “Mark Phi” Smart and Consul General Oliver Mair on October 18th, 2020.   “It’s so important for us to celebrate our heroes , their courage,  determination, their love and their service to humanity as a reminder to the goodness and greatness that lies within all of us. We must use their examples to motivate us to  become heroes in our own personal stories.”  Consul General Oliver Mair shared when asked about the event.

JHM is on a mission to utilize the cultural pride of community to empower independence through Jamaica’s national legacy with a goal to inspire positive change in the hearts and minds of Jamaicans. The project aims to modernize the Jamaican story, transform the portrayal of the national heroes and connect the world to the Jamaican culture with a multidimensional approach using film, music, art, a new digital presence and print collateral.  “The activities and objectives of this project help to preserve our heritage and it’s important that the Jamaican community support it”, Vivian Crawford shared in an interview after learning about the initiative.

The “Heroes and Heritage” event will be broadcast to multiple Facebook and Youtube pages however everyone can watch live on  The event begins at 6:30PM EST on Oct 17, 2021.