Miami, FL – Experience an extraordinary celebration of Jamaican arts and culture at the Jamaica Brew Festival, hosted by the Consulate General of Jamaica on Saturday, Jan. 20, at the West Broward Regional Library (8601 West Broward Boulevard, Plantation). Starting at 10:00 a.m., this one-day event promises a diverse showcase, featuring book readings, signings, Jamaican-produced short films, and an exclusive tasting of authentic Jamaican coffee.

Curated to support the appreciation of Jamaica’s rich heritage, the festival offers a dynamic range of book readings and film productions covering topics such as national pride, history, and cultural roots. A collective effort by ten accomplished authors and poets, along with six talented film producers of Jamaican descent, guarantees a vibrant and culturally immersive experience.

Organized in collaboration with the West Broward Regional Library, the event will be hosted by Consul General Oliver Mair, a thespian himself. Mr. Mair anticipates a historic celebration, stating, “Our writers and film producers will be celebrated at the Jamaica Brew Festival.” The festival also aligns with Jamaica’s Coffee Day, celebrated annually on January 9th, promoting Jamaican coffee consumption to benefit the local industry.

Notable figures at the festival include internationally renowned Jamaican writer and poet, Kei Miller, PhD. As a professor of creative writing, Dr. Miller has received numerous international awards for his outstanding works. Explore the full lineup of participating writers at

Donald Salmon, President of the Jamaica Coffee Growers Association, is enthusiastic about this venture, seeing it as an opportunity to collaborate with the Consulate in building awareness of Brand Jamaica. The festival’s agenda includes a captivating coffee display, showcasing various options for coffee consumption, featuring demonstrations, recipes, and tastings.

Admission to this unique fusion of literature, film, and coffee is free, with registration available on Engage with writers for book signings and immerse yourself in this cultural celebration, setting the stage for the inaugural Jamaica Brew Festival as a memorable annual event, as highlighted by Consul General Oliver Mair.

Consul General Mair also extends congratulations to the Broward County Library, celebrating its 50th anniversary, a testament to its widespread influence with branches in 38 cities across the county, providing essential services in education, recreation, and entertainment.