Miramar, FL (March 10, 2021) All three City of Miramar Commissioners facing re-election retained their seats by huge margins in Tuesday’s (March 9th, 2021) elections. The residents delivered victory to the incumbents, a sign that they are satisfied with the status quo with no major issue to create a catalyst for change.

Voter turnout was low as expected, with a total of 12, 358 votes reported, a slight increase from the last election. Most of the votes were by mail, seen as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic as most voters preferred to cast their ballots from the safety and comfort of their homes.


Seat 1

Vice-Mayor Maxwell Chambers, who lost his son due to an asthma attack days before the election, received 6,505 votes (52.84%), a strong statement of support despite a slew of negative reports from a local television station. His closest rival Kerri-Ann Nesbeath a young and promising candidate received 3,100 (25.18%). Magazine publisher Chris Koval received 2,705 votes (21.97%) for a total of 12,310 votes in the race.

Seat 2.

In the most spirited race in the City, former Commissioner Darlene Riggs was unable to garner support to remove incumbent Yvette Colbourne, who received a whopping 8,205 votes (66.39%). Riggs mounted a strong campaign but fell short, receiving only 4,153 votes (33.61%) in her bid to return to the Commission.

Haitian-American Darlene Riggs, was soundly beaten by Alexandra Davis in 2019 where she lost her seat.  Tuesday’s loss is the second time she is being rejected by residents and might put the lid on her political aspirations in Miramar.

Seat 3.

With four challengers in the race, popular radio personality Winston Barnes, who has been sitting on the Commission since 2003, retained his seat with 7,353 votes (60.86%). His closest challenger, Val B. Glinister received 1,714 votes (14.19%). Opponents Sylvia Greenberry received 1,302 (10.78%), Lixon Nelson 668 (5.53%) and Nari Tomlinson 1,044 (8.64%) for a total of 12, 081 votes.

With a population of over 140,000, the City of Miramar boast one of the largest Jamaican communities in the nation and is the only City where all (five) members of the Commission are of all Jamaican heritage. For a detailed look at the election results visit https://enr.electionsfl.org/BRO/2852/Summary/