Miramar, Florida – May 1, 2024 – Renowned Haitian American musician Lucky Pierre has composed and recorded a powerful song titled “Kanal La Pap Kanpe,” accompanied by a captivating music video, to raise awareness and funds to aid in the construction of much-needed canals for irrigation in Haiti.

Haiti, home to over 11 million people, grapples with significant challenges, including acute food insecurity affecting over 5 million Haitians. One contributing factor to this crisis is the inadequate irrigation infrastructure, which impedes agricultural efforts across vast swathes of land. In response, farmers in Nord Est Haiti have taken a proactive approach, defying political and economic pressures to initiate the construction of a canal along the River Massacre.

(L-R) Musician Lucky Pierre, Rhonda Veerasawamy LeBlanc of Rhonda Eye Alliance and Bass Player Mark Joseph at press conference on April 25

The music video premiered on May 1, 2024, on YouTube & all music platforms. May 1 is celebrated as Labor Day in Haiti and May is also celebrated as Haitian American Heritage Month in the United States. Pierre aims to rally the community to download the song, to raise one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) towards the canal’s construction. The canal project seeks to irrigate and cultivate lands, fostering self-sustainability and economic empowerment within local communities. The grassroots movement, “Kanal La Pap Kampe” (KPK), has ignited inspiration among Haitians worldwide, driving individuals to join forces and contribute to this noble cause.

Speaking at a press launch event on Thursday, April 25 at the Springhill Suites in Miramar, Florida, Lucky Pierre expressed his excitement about the project. “We are thrilled to unveil this music video, which not only raises funds but also encapsulates the spirit of resilience and unity among the Haitian people. It showcases their unwavering determination to overcome adversity,” he stated. Translated in English as “The Canal Will Not Stop” expressing the will of the people of Haiti.

Rhonda Eyes Alliance (REA) a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the State of Florida has received the endorsement of President Moise Joseph of the KPK Committee for the responsibility to receive funds to support the Cause of the Kanal. Rhonda’s Eyes Alliance provides eyecare for underserved communities in Haiti, the Caribbean & South Florida.

View the video HERE