At the first Diaspora Conference in Jamaica in 2004, a resolution was submitted to recognize June 16th each year as Jamaica Diaspora Day.  One year later, the late Governor-General, Sir Howard Cooke issued a proclamation declaring Jamaica Diaspora Day; It is now celebrated annually by Jamaicans around the world on June 16th.

In honor of Jamaica Diaspora Day, on June 16th, and as part of the Caribbean American Heritage Month of celebration; The Jamaica Diaspora Taskforce Action Network (JDTAN) in association with, will host a full day of virtual sessions and activities (due to COVID-19 restrictions) to highlight the extraordinary contributions of the Diaspora in collaboration with Jamaica.

Jamaicans and Friends of Jamaica across the world are invited to join the first global and virtual event of this nature. Register to join the sessions or watch the broadcast on Facebook Live.