KINGSTON, JAMAICA – April 1, 2020 – The Jamaica Tourist Board (JTB) is 65 years old! April 1 2020 cements 65 years since the JTB has served as Jamaica’s national tourism agency. As the national agency tasked with the responsibility to market Destination Jamaica, the JTB engages in intensive promotions to attract travellers to the island.

Six-and- a-half decades of maturity and stamina have molded the JTB into a well-oiled machine. This is due in part to the agency’s bold persona – daring to be leader and trendsetter in the region. “I am delighted to be at the helm of this great organization, as we mark our 65th anniversary” said Donovan White, Jamaica’s Director of Tourism. “The fact that we continue to be successful indicate that we are doing most things right in connecting with our audience. Our approach to marketing is all around data and using data to specifically target travel consumers where they are, and using all the available technology”, he said.

The organization is keenly aware that this landmark achievement could only be attained through important strategic partnerships with diverse stakeholders including: airlines, tour operator companies, accommodation entities, cruise lines, media, event promoters, artisans, ground transportation companies and the Jamaicans who make it happen. “The 65th anniversary of the Jamaica Tourist Board provides the opportunity to say thank you,” said Director White. “Thank you to the visionaries who laid the foundation for us to build on and thank you to every Jamaican, every member of staff, past and present, for their immeasurable support and sacrifice.”

Throughout its history, the JTB has been led by Directors of Tourism, whose objectives aligned with the vision of ensuring that the industry would achieve its best potential. A walk down the halls of history will show: John Pringle ((1963-1967); E. Stewart Sharpe (1967-1970); Eric Anthony Abrahams (1970-1975); Adrian Robinson (1975-1978); Desmond Henry (1978-1980); John Gentles (1980-1984); Carrole Guntley (1984 – 1990);  Robert Stephens (1990 -1992); Fay Pickersgill (1994 – 2003);Paul Pennicook (2003 – 2006; 2014 – 2017); Basil Smith (2006 – 2008); John Lynch (2008 – 2014) and Donovan White (2018-present).