WASHINGTON D.C. – The Institute of Caribbean Studies will unveil plans for the commemoration of National Caribbean-American Heritage Month (NCHAM) June 2024, which recognizes the invaluable contributions of Caribbean Americans to the tapestry of American history and culture, at a Big Tent Briefing on March 13 @ 8 PM EST.

Under the theme ‘Celebrating Caribbean Contributions to American History, Culture and Life, this year’s commemoration will recognize the accomplishments and aspirations of the millions of individuals of Caribbean descent residing in the United States today, while also paying homage to the shared history that has forged the rich legacy that we now enjoy as Americans.

The Migration Population Institute states “Approximately 4.5 million Caribbean immigrants resided in the United States in 2019, representing 10 percent of the nation’s 44.9 million total foreign-born population.”1 Caribbean people, They come from diverse backgrounds, including black, white, Latino, and East Indian heritage. 

Dr. Claire Nelson, President ICS

The primary aim of the month-long celebration is to honor and embrace the vibrant culture and dynamic heritage of Caribbean people, highlighting the valuable contributions they’ve made in shaping the American dream. The National Caribbean American Heritage Month Celebratory Committee under the leadership of Convening Chair, Dr. Claire A. Nelson, Founding President of The Institute of Caribbean Studies, headquartered in DC is set to unveil the festivities being planned at the national, state and local levels from Massachusetts to Missouri and points beyond, in this 18th year of celebration.

Says Dr. Nelson, “As we gear up to celebrate June as National Caribbean American Heritage Month (NCAHM), ICS extends an invitation to Caribbean community leaders and friends of the Caribbean nationwide to participate in commemorating this occasion through a wide range of cultural events, educational programs, and other initiatives. By recognizing the heritage and accomplishments of Caribbean Americans, we not only embrace diversity but also, we cultivate understanding, unity, and appreciation for our collective history as Americans”.

Highlights of the month-long celebration include:

June 1-8th: Sustainability Week – As we observe World Environment Day (June 5) and World Ocean Day (June 8), environmental concerns will be thrust into the spotlight.  Starting with the REDEMPTION Gospel Festival in New York on June 1st,  through Flagraisings and Opening Ceremonies, the week ends with the SMART Caribbean Online Forum which emphasizes the critical significance of the Blue Economy to enabling flourishing futures for the Caribbean, and urge the adoption of a more environmentally friendly and sustainability-literate culture;

June 9-15th: Restaurant Week: –An opportunity to savour the diverse and tantalizing flavours of the Caribbean! With over 1,500 Caribbean restaurants across the country indulge in an exquisite fusion of culinary delights. This event celebrates the vibrancy and richness of Caribbean cuisine, showcasing the incredible diversity and flavours that the Caribbean community brings to our city.

June 10-14th: Legislative Week: – Panel discussions and legislative days on Capitol Hill exploring topics such as Caribbean development and US foreign policy.

June 16-22nd: Culture Week: – Discussions on Caribbean culture; history and the arts.

June 23-29th: Business Week: – Coinciding with UN MSME Day, ICS will convene a two-day business forum online only. Topics will cover Starting an Import/Export Business, the Business of Faith;  Elements of Success; and more.

2024 NCAHM Official Book List: A curated selection of books penned by Caribbean authors, offering a journey through history and adventure for all ages.

2024 Caribbean Book Bankra: Every Tuesday evening in June at 7 pm, featuring book readings and discussions with featured authors and artistes.

Mark your calendars and get ready to Join us as we celebrate the rich culture and history of the Caribbean American community throughout June 2024.  To learn more about NCAHM and the ICS, please visit https://caribbeanamericanmonth.com/