Sunrise FL, September 2, 2020 – After 11 years of successfully operating live internet radio, Leroy “Dreamy” Riley of has partnered with veteran filmmaker Michael “Barri” Brown of BarriVision Films to form The new venture will bring about a new Caribbean-centric internet television station that will be free to watch worldwide.

The schedule of programs include BarriVision originals such as My LiKKle Food Spot featuring South Florida personality Eddy Edwards, Where in JA is Dry Lan’ Touris?Shelf Life and Gospel Rhythms, all of which did successful runs on local stations in Jamaica, Canada and the USA. “We are also in preproduction of a few programs exclusively for,” says Michael Brown, BarriVision Films CEO. “We’re making the best of the digital world we find ourselves in and using technology to our advantage. Producers who wish to air their programs on our station can contact us via our website.”

Barry Brown, CEO BarriVision Productions

Among the bespoke programs is Culture Corner with media personality Sophia Nicholson and Grooving with Crosslinks, produced by Jamaica Youth for Christ in their Crosslinks recording studio, featuring young Gospel Artistes. In addition, several independent producers have already agreed to air programs that reflect a cross section of the Caribbean such as popular entertainment program 5 Sur 5 and The Caribbean Edge, complimented by movies from filmmakers far and wide.

“The goal is to bring the Caribbean to the world via an online medium that is free and easy to access,” says President and Technical Director, Dreamy Riley. “We decided to make it free to the public rather than go the route of monthly subscriptions because we wanted to make it a station that anyone could watch, from anywhere at any time. Our website is up and running with information on what’s to come so we invite people to check it out.”

The station is already being tested and will be ready to roll out within the next few weeks.