Miramar, FL – Political figures seeking re-election often rely on their record of service as one of the reasons to retain their seats. In the upcoming March 9th elections in the City of Miramar, Commissioner, Yvette Colbourne has put forth a solid list of accomplishments in her eight years in office, proof of her hard work and dedication, serving and responding to the needs of residents.

Colbourne is a firm believer that there should be “One Miramar” and not a division between the historic East and the newer established communities in the West. As such, she is a strong advocate for equal services throughout the city and has often stated, “I believe in one Miramar, it is a multicultural City, and we want to celebrate that multicultural ambience we have here in the City.” Her vision is for a city where people of all cultures can live, work and socialize together as one community.

Commissioner Colbourne with Congressman Alcee Hastings

Born in Panama of Jamaican heritage and raised in New York, Colbourne has been a resident of Miramar for 28 years and worked as a Public Administrator for Miami-Dade County. She has extensive knowledge of government functions and is quick to speak up on behalf of residents and city employees.

Colbourne has opposed tax increases on many occasions and asked staff to seek alternate ways to balance the budget. In more recent times, Colbourne led the effort to stop the reduction of staff salaries during the COVID 19 pandemic, which gained the support of her colleagues. She sponsored a No Furlough Bill urging the City Manager to again find alternate means to retain City employees and keep them on the payroll.

“One of my proudest accomplishments is the Living Wage Ordinance that ensures that every Miramar employees is paid a Living Wage,” Coulbourne commented in a recent radio interview. In 2019, though Colbourne’s leadership, the City began paying a Living Wage to Janitorial Workers and School Crossing Guards as well.

Despite her stellar record, Colbourne is being challenged by Darlene Riggs, a former Commissioner who was soundly beaten by Commissioner Alexandra Davis in 2019. Riggs has offered no record of her own service instead has cast unsubstantiated allegations and has not presented any evidence to support her claims. Commissioner Colbourne has served Miramar with high ethics and integrity.

A champion for women’s rights and issues, she was the sponsor of legislation establishing the Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) Commission on the Status of Women. The purpose of the RBG Commission is to identify and resolve economic, health, social, and other issues concerning women’s lives through education and advocacy within the City of Miramar. Without fanfare, Colbourne works consistently to support and encourage women and girls to develop into their full potential.

She is respected and Endorsed by Congressman Alcee Hastings, State Senator Shevrin Jones, State Representative Marie Woodson, Broward Commissioner Dale Holness, Miami-Dade Commissioner Keon Hardemon, Lauderdale Lakes Mayor Hazel Rogers, Miramar Commissioner Alexandra Davis, Broward School Board Representative Patti Good, Dade School Board Member Dr. Dorothy Bendross Mindigall, Miramar Professional Firefighters,

International Unions of Police Associations, General Association of Miramar Employee Employees, Service Employees International Union, The Hispanic Vote, and The Broward, Palm Beaches & St Lucie Realtors Association.

As one resident puts it, “if Commissioner Yvette Colbourne was in the music business, she would win a Grammy for her record.”